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We Love Questions

Do you charge a fee for estimation?

We do not charge a fee for a consultation.  However, depending on the scope of your project, for example, requesting a complete estimate for tender on a turn key project, fees may be added as these types of projects require extensive time to put together, all while working within the parameters of your budget.

Do you specialize only in new construction?

No, we are a full service general contractor specializing in new construction along with renovation projects. Call us to find out if our expertise matches your project needs.

Do you only build ICF homes?

Yes.  With the evolution of building code standards across Canada and in Quebec, requirements to insure that your building envelope meets the revised energy efficiency ratings means building traditional stick frame construction requires rigorous extra steps and costs to ensure compliance with codes.  As well, recent volatility in material cost, has directly affected the bottom line of new construction.  ICF builds meet all the criteria in one step, meaning less material and quicker build time.  ICF material costs have remained stable for the past 2 years. ICF homes have so many benefits! Our company mission is to deliver those benefits to our clients.  Focusing exclusively on ICF construction means we can offer true expertise and commitment to giving you the best build.

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